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“Big data could be saving us all” says Telegraph in new report on CSL

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The Daily Telegraph this weekend put Creative Skills For Life under the spotlight in a new article looking at the ways big data and online technologies are enabling a revolution in healthcare.

The paper’s Monty Munford writes: “Creative Skills for Life is … using technology and the data from its research-driven healthcare programme to empower people with life-threatening and limiting medical conditions. It does this by encouraging them to unlock their creative potential ‘as a catalyst for healing and personal development'”.

Discussing the different strands of the CSL project, he continues: “Firstly there is a research strand that builds a body of evidence on the value of creativity as a medical tool and builds on the shoulders of previous giants to do so. There is also a community element that brings together experts and doctors and a campaign element that brings the programme together. The endgame is to use its findings to encourage government to support greater investment in palliative care across all disciplines”.

Concluding, the piece adds: “Creative Skills for Life describes itself as a social enterprise, not a traditional charity,and its ambitions are the noblest of all and an innovation that does credit to everybody involved. Big data, it would appear, could be the saving of us all”.

Read the full piece here.