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CLS founder introduces the programme in Huffington Post blog

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Creative Skills For Life founder Ian Spero has written about the programme in a blog post for The Huffington Post.

Explaining the rationale behind the initiative, Ian notes the goods news that the number of young people surviving life changing conditions has nearly doubles in the past decade, but adds: “The bad news is that the quality and quantity of palliative care being provided to support these youngsters isn’t improving. Stuck in a no man’s land between paediatric care and adult services disabled adolescents have become a forgotten segment of society whose needs are simply not being addressed”.

He goes on: “Ironically when it comes to the potential to really improve the life experience for these young people there has never been a better time. Digital technology has given us the opportunity to connect, create and share in a way that has never been possible before. For those who often have limited mobility it provides a link to communities and conversations that would previously have been impossible”.

Linking this potential of digital technologies to the role of creativity in providing palliative care, Ian continues: “According to Cancer Research UK ‘art therapy can be a safe way for people with cancer and their families to explore emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety about the cancer and treatment’. It is out of this belief that Creative Skills For Life was born. A social venture and campaigning organisation exploring the interface between wellbeing, technology and creativity, Creative Skills For Life is designed to be a catalyst to promote healing and personal development”.

Read the full blog here.