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CSL ambassador Greg Wilford has the last word

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Creative Skills For Life today formally shares the very sad news that Greg Wilford, a young writer who passionately supported and informed the wider CSL initiative died on 1st September from neuromuscular degenerative disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Explaining his passion for CSL, Greg said: “In a lifestyle where a lot of physical control has to be surrendered; the feeling of having something you can ‘be yourself’ with – truly yourself – is a triumphant one. Technology and social media gives every disabled person the chance to dabble in the arts. To paint, to compose, to write – and most of all, to say something that’s never been said before. All that’s needed is an over-active imagination, the right inspiration and an audience adventurous enough to go along for the ride”.

According to CSL Founder Ian Spero “Greg had a wicked sense of humour a brilliant creative imagination and an insatiable appetite for life as is demonstrated by the following email he sent me just a couple of days before he passed…

‘Hey Ian, Yeah, I’m better thank you. Just been getting my strength back really. I would say I’m at 90% now, still get tired but I’m much improved. Started to get back to writing again. Some interesting topics – one is basically an edited 2hr debate between me and a friend about the relationship between Superman and disability. Really surprising stuff and interesting. I’ve even started story making with an idea I came up with. Haven’t done that for months. It has a Tokyo noir/ god myth/ lovecraft/ mankind hope feel to it. We need to catch up. I’m away this weekend taking advantage of the free bar at the wedding I’m at – but talk mid-week?'”

Greg wrote a number of really funny and inspirational blog posts for the CSL website, and the section of the site that aims to give young people living with life threatening conditions an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions will be named in his honour, Greg Says.