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Greg Says: Dabbling in creation

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My name is Greg Wilford. I’m 24 years old. I have a degree. I live independently – with a guinea pig and an escape artist rabbit beast who confuses himself for a cat – and I like lots of stuff (pulled pork, beer, Chekov, Pavement, Leeds United, beer, Japanese culture and history, space exploration, The Third Man, spicy food, beer, Kal-El, ‘The Great Gatsby’, have I said beer already, poker…and the list goes on).

I also have a disability called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; a genetic thingy that produces one chemical gloop instead of doing its bloody job and making the useful protein it is supposed to – but the Blue Badge for parking, nocturnal ventilation, ‘leccy wheelchair and body-warping heart medication does make the whole trip that bit sweeter.

I also like to dabble in creation; always have from when I was younger, writing stories to studying film and film production. I had moved away from seriously wanting to write for a while to do…actually I don’t know what it was I was doing now that I think about it…but I’m back to it; approaching it from a whole new take.  Good times.

I’ve also been spurred on by upcoming projects that I’m involved in; this Creative Skills For Life blog being one of them.  Combing the best in digital media applications and imagination – we’re looking for young disabled people to create something that says what they want to say. That’s what this is about, giving interesting, spirited people with something to say, a chance – making stuff up – to entertain, to inform, to communicate ideas – like I’m doing now. Give it a go. It’s easy if you try.

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Many people have been instrumental in the development of Creative Skills For Life, but there is one very special young man who shared our vision and passion from the outset. Greg Wilford described himself as “a writer who will put pen to paper for ANY reason” adding that “the key to good writing is crude humour and the excessive use of bad language”. Sadly Greg has now passed, but his spirit is part of CSL’s DNA and he remains an inspirational driving force for the CSL team.