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Greg Says: London fun run bonanza

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iPhone!  iPhone!  iPhone!  Yes, I am now a proud inductee into the cult of Apple and it’s awesome.  I was going to write my initial thoughts on the device but I’m still trying to get my lousy, bony fingers to integrate with the system properly.  I have been playing with the idea of connecting it to my PS3 controller and using that to operate the phone – will let you know about any progress as it comes.


Hilarious thing happened to me the other day.  I was intrigued by a strange message I was sent from the organisers of the 2014 London Marathon confirming that I had been accepted into the ballot to participate in the race.

Funny thing is…I don’t remember ever applying for a place in the London bloody Marathon.  I’m in an electric wheelchair – I barely make a round trip to the shop at the end of my road without the battery clunking out… I’m not going to make a 26 mile race round London,  unless I could be like one of those people that waddles around in a diving suit ripped right out of steampunk fiction and takes like six months to stomp his way around the course.  My route will consist of me zig-zagging the charging points of London!

Now I have agreed to some stupid things under the influence of particular influences and moods – for example I one admitted I liked ‘The Beautiful South’ to ‘impress’ a girl… yeeeeeeah… kids are idiots.

Anyway, I then wondered: if I didn’t enter the ballot, which clever bastard could it have been? After a little investigation, I found out it was a mate of mine who clearly has too much time on his hands – and when I say ‘mate’, I’m saying it in the sense that if he was on fire, I’d crack out the marshmallows and have myself a barbecue.  (HIIIIII JACKSON !!!)

Congratulating him on his hilarious prank; I informed him that if we get accepted – WE will be racing – HE will be carrying me, on his back – ALL 26 miles – with me shouting ‘mush’ in his ear – and we’ll be dressed as R2-D2 and C3PO.  Will keep you posted.


Many people have been instrumental in the development of Creative Skills For Life, but there is one very special young man who shared our vision and passion from the outset. Greg Wilford described himself as “a writer who will put pen to paper for ANY reason” adding that “the key to good writing is crude humour and the excessive use of bad language”. Sadly Greg has now passed, but his spirit is part of CSL’s DNA and he remains an inspirational driving force for the CSL team.