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Ruder Finn to provide PR and digital support to Creative Skills For Life

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Ruder Finn UK has announced that its digital health division will be working with Creative Skills For Life, providing strategic communications to support its pioneering work for young people living with life-threatening conditions.

Ruder Finn will provide communications support to CSL, targeting a range of national, broadcast, trade and consumer press, as well as key influential bloggers, to promote the programme at large and specific initiatives, such as the CSL competition fund being staged in partnership with Creative England and NHS England. In addition, Ruder Finn will provide digital services and consultancy across a range of social media platforms.

“Creative Skills For Life is a perfect example of how the healthcare industry is emerging as a hotbed of digital innovation and groundbreaking ideas”, said Emma Sinden, Head of Corporate & Technology at Ruder Finn. “What particularly drew us to CSL was the focus on what digital tools can deliver in terms of a better quality of life rather than on the tool or technology itself. To be able to share the expertise of our digital health team with such an exciting and worthwhile cause is a fantastic opportunity. We look forward to delivering impactful results for Creative Skills For Life across the media and digital platforms”.

Creative Skills For Life Founder Ian Spero added: “We believe that providing creative therapies for these young people can improve quality of life and boost their chances of survival. With a number of exciting initiatives set to take place as part of the overall programme, we are confident that our partnership with Ruder Finn will add significant value and our cause will be clearly communicated to a wide but targeted audience”.