In recent years there has been a growth of interest internationally in the role of the arts – in all their diversity – in health and social care. In parallel, there is emerging evidence that using social media and other digital tools can help keep the brain healthy and of a more positive disposition.

The effect of such novel therapies on patients’ lives is incompletely understood and under-researched. It is therefore timely and relevant to study this field in detail.

CSL’s vision is to provide anyone living with chronic conditions (that wants it) with access to creative tools that enable them to connect with other people and collaborate on arts based projects. The idea is to build a digital ‘Creative Lab’ and virtual meeting place, serving as a safe and secure online environment where patients, friends and family can meet, co-create, share ideas, advice and support.

In addition to capturing measurable data for analysis the CSL Creative Lab will draw upon existing open data resources that relate to health and wellbeing of the target groups. Analysis of these datasets will provide key drivers for the implementation of the programme, such that quality of life benchmarks may be established to demonstrate measurable improvements in the respective target groups.