With a view to accurately measuring the impact of creative interventions in healthcare, CSL has forged an active and flourishing multi-disciplinary alliance (spanning a growing number of institutions, departments and specialists,) including University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Institute of Digital Healthcare, and Bath Spa University. Such inter-department and inter-institutional unanimity highlights the potential to scale CSL in the UK and further afield, in a spirit of open innovation.

According to Dr Thomas Barber from the Human Metabolism Research Unit at the University of Warwick: "The utilisation of creativity in health and disease is an under researched, and perhaps under-appreciated field that has huge potential to improve quality of life and reduce cost of healthcare".

Unfortunately, our traditional view of medicine is based largely on a therapy (often pharmacological in the form of a pill, surgical intervention or some other form like radiotherapy for example) being administered to the patient by a healthcare professional. This paternalistic view of medicine needs to change and adapt to align itself with advances in modern day technology, so that opportunities to develop and deliver healthcare in novel and exciting ways are realised".

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